Our Current Crisis Issue:

Due to the departure of the General Motors Assembly Plant and consequent economic downturn and financial crisis, we need to find funds to secure living accommodations for persons who have or will soon experience a foreclosure sheriff sale eviction.

We will accomplish this by creating a system to return persons to their homes or to replacement housing at the reduced current fair market price, and to provide for them land-contract financing. Then they can be homeowners again with an affordable and fair mortgage. This will stabilize the neighborhoods, prevent the deterioration of homes due to vacancy, reduce vandalism and increase safety, reduce the homeless population, and reduce the number of homes on the market. Reducing the number of homes on the market will thus stabilize property values.

We need to obtain funds to (re)train people to have desirable skills for employers. We also need to launch new product and service ideas by providing seed money for patents and prototypes to create home-based business and self employment opportunities. These new small businesses will re-establish a cottage industry aspect to the local job market and reduce our local dependency upon and need to solicit the large-scale employee job providers.